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About archive materials

With Aalto-Finna Image archive search you can find images related to the activities and history of Aalto University and its predecessors. Archive materials contain historic photographs that document teaching and research at the University, visual materials related to theses and student works, and materials from personal archives of some former teachers of the University. The earliest materials are from early 20th century.

For some materials only descriptive information is available in Aalto-Finna, if copyright allows images are displayed. If an image is not displayed for copyright reasons, the Raami image database maintained by the Learning Centre can be used at the Visual Resources Centre in the Learning Centre premises. Use permissions are displayed alongside each image, the majority of the historic materials are available for free use with an open CC-BY 4.0 license. The original materials are available for research at the Aalto University Archive.

Only a limited amount of images is available in Aalto-Finna, the archive holds collections that are not yet made digitally available. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the Archive or the Learning Centre:

Part of the collection is also available with high-resolution images and for completely free use with the Aalto University Commons service.