Harald Herlin Learning Centre is closed for the time being. If you need help, please call Mon – Fri 10 – 14 tel. 050 316 1011 or send email oppimiskeskus@aalto.fi.

Logging in and My Account

Logging in to Aalto-Finna

Login to Aalto-Finna if you want to renew your loans, place reservations or manage your personal account details, loans, payments and reservation transactions. You can use these services after connecting your Aalto University library card to your account.

When logged in, you can save your searches and favourites for later use. Aalto University students and staff can also use library e-materials from off campus with their own user accounts.

Click Login to log into Aalto-Finna using either your library card or your Aalto ID.

Login method for Aalto University students and staff:

  • Click Login at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Click on Haka login, sign in with your Aalto ID
  • Connect your library card to your account by adding your Library card number and Library card password (PIN code*). This has to be done only once.
    *The default PIN code is 12345. If you have changed your PIN code, but forgotten it, please contact the Learning Centre: oppimiskeskus@aalto.fi or tel. 050 316 1011.

  • Click Save.

Other customers

  • Click Login at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Sign in with your library card number and password (PIN code*)
    *The default PIN code is 12345. If you have changed your PIN code, but forgotten it, please contact the Learning Centre: oppimiskeskus@aalto.fi or tel. 050 316 1011.

  • Click Login

My Account

My Profile

  • You can set preferred pick up location to which your reservations and inter-library loans are sent.

Changing your PIN code or password

  • You can change the password or PIN code of your library card here. The PIN code may consist of 5-8 digits.

Personal details maintained by the library

  • Note! This patron information can only be corrected or changed at the Learning Centre service points
  • Learning Centre sends all notifications, due date reminders and messages to email address which is shown here
  • Update your address change and other information sending Address change form.

Deleting your account

If you delete your account in Aalto-Finna, you will lose saved searches, favourites and alerts for new items. Please be aware that your library card is still activated and you are still a customer of Aalto University Learning Centre. If you want to terminate your library card permanently (e.g. your library card is lost or stolen), please contact the Learning Centre.

Loans and renewals

  • Your checked out items are shown on the page arranged by the due date.
  • You can renew your loans by checking the boxes beside items and clicking on Renew selected items.
  • You can renew your loans all at once by checking the box at the list top and clicking on Renew all items. All the renewable loans will be renewed.
  • Note! There is no check box if the loan is not renewable. It means that there is a request for the item, or the number of renewals has reached the limit. A suspension of borrowing rights can also prevent renewing loans.

Holds and Requests

  • Click on Holds and Requests tab to see your pending holds or stack requests
  • Clicking on Place a request on the title for a book that is on loan
    - you will receive a notice that your request was successful, or a reason why it was not successful. For example, requesting a book is not possible because your borrowing rights have been suspended.
    - at Holds and Requests you can check your place in the hold queue
  • When the item has been returned, you will be notified by email. At My account you can see the final date the book is available for pickup, eg. when the hold expires.
  • You can check your hold and/or stack requests and cancel them by clicking Cancel selected holds or Cancel all holds

National Repository Library Requests

The National Repository Library is the shared storage and interlibrary loan facility for all Finnish libraries. To use this service, you need a valid Aalto University Learning Centre library card.

Book requests

Aalto University students and staff can order books free of charge from the National Repository Library in Kuopio.

  • Make request via interlibrary loan order form.
  • You will receive a notification by email when the requested book has arrived. Books ordered from the National Depository Library and interlibrary loans can only be picked up from the customer service point during service hours.

Article copy requests

Aalto University students and staff can order article copies (pdf-files) as self-service and free of charge from the National Repository Library in Kuopio.

  • Search for a journal in Aalto-Finna.
  • Click National Repository Library tab.
  • Click the title to see the holdings data. Make sure that the year and volume of the publication that you're looking for are included.
  • Click on –link.
  • Choose Article request on the right-hand menu (under the title "Material provided by").
  • Type in the Comment field the following information about the article: year, volume, number, page numbers, the author and the beginning of the title.
  • Click Send.
  • The National Repository Library will send the article into your @aalto.fi e-mail in PDF format.


  • Click on Fines tab to see the fines you have incurred, i.e. how much there is to pay and why
  • Fines exceeding 10 euros will result in suspension of borrowing rights until you pay the required fees

More information about fines.

Library cards

  • On Library cards tab you can view the details of library card(s) connected to your Aalto-Finna account as well as their barcodes.
  • You can update card(s) name/username/PIN code, change password or disconnect library card(s).
  • Use your phone as a library card at self-checkout machines by opening the barcode on your smartphone screen or take a picture of library card barcode and use the image as your digital library card.


  • You can add the searched literature references to your own favourites by clicking on heart symbol
  • References are first saved in Favourites tab where you can move or copy them to the list of your choice
  • At Favourites tab you can
    - sort your references by title, author, date, or format and add to them keywords and notes
    - create and remove your own public or private Favourites lists
    - name the lists as you like and move their contents from one list to another
    - export records to Refworks or EndNote

Saved searches and search history

  • All searches you carried out are saved for the time of the session at Saved searches tab at Recent Searches.
  • To store important references separately click on Save next to the reference. After closing the session, you will find the references at Saved searches.
  • You can delete search results or empty the whole search history by clicking on x -icon under the Delete -headline.