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About Aalto-Finna

What is Aalto-Finna?

Aalto-Finna is an online research tool that allows you to search printed materials and electronic resources of Learning Centre and Aalto University Archive. Searches are possible by keyword, by title or by author; if you use advanced search you can restrict results using a vast number of limiters.

Via our discovery service you can also renew your loans, make requests, save favourites and searches.

You can access most of the licensed electronic resources by logging in with the Aalto username and password if you are outside the Aalto University network.

If you do not have a university user account, you can access electronic books and resources in the Learning Centre facilities.

What can I find in Aalto-Finna?

Aalto-Finna includes:

  • Printed and electronic collections of Aalto University Learning Centre: printed books, e-books, journals, databases
  • Aaltodoc publication archive: theses, publication series
  • Materials from Aalto University Archive: visual resources related to the activities and results of learning and research (Archive materials)
  • The National Repository Library’s journals and books
  • International e-materials from various publishers, mostly articles (Primo Central Index)

Conditions of use for electronic resources

Electronics resources must be used in accordance with the terms of use and it should especially be noted, that it is prohibited to download materials systematically or in considerable quantities.

Aalto-Finna is part of the National Finna discovery service

Aalto-Finna is one of the sites in addition to the nationwide site maintained by the National Library. provides free access to material from Finnish museums, libraries and archives.